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Tuesday, 08.Jul.2008

20:14 - Posted using TxtLJ

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These triple-digit days are really starting to get old.


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Date:14:57 09.Jul.2008 (UTC)
90? heck, we're staring 111 in the face today. :)

33% humidity can't be that much worse than 18%, is it?

15 percentage points of humidity, or 20 extra degrees fahrenheit of temperature? That's an awful tough choice to make. :)
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Date:8:18 09.Jul.2008 (UTC)
The humidity is suck. We were commenting today on the fact that the wind made things hotter, not cooler.
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Date:6:08 10.Jul.2008 (UTC)
It's days like these I miss the desert. Sure it was a 120 degrees out, but with zero percent humidity it felt pleasant. You just learned to not touch metal with your bare hands :)
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