Lograh (lograh) wrote,

odd // okcupid

Okcupid is weird. I just decided to go ahead and upload a picture yesterday (the same one I shot on the way home last monday, in fact) and suddenly I had 12 people looking at my profile in just 17 hours. The thing that gets me is that they almost all were scored as roughly 9-14% matches by the system the site uses (and over 20% as 'enemy', to boot). Granted, the max I could get was 68% since I've deleted all my previous question answers and am starting over. But still, why would someone bother looking at a profile for a person that is so blatantly not what she is looking for?

Of course, the real question that's been bouncing around my head for some time is why I'm even keeping that account. I'm not interested in dating anyone, I'm not even really using the site anymore. I just log in every few days, answer some more questions, and log off.

But yeah, it was quite a shock to go from having no one look at my profile to suddenly seeing that "recently viewed you" section filled up like that. I almost laughed at the sight. I guess a picture really does make quite a difference on those 'dating' sites, eh? I think the best is the 9%match/54%enemy. With a max of 68%, getting a 54% 'enemy' rating is just about as solid a "don't date him, you wouldn't get along" as you could ask for.
Tags: dating?

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