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oh, and one more thing // linkage

Another on my Flist reminded me that I forgot to post this Friday. FreakAngles is a free webcomic done by Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield. I've been a Warren Ellis fan for some time now, and this is shaping up to be a good series. Worth reading. Go there now. If you don't like webcomics for their low production quality, that's no issue here so you might like this one so go check it out. If you like Warren Ellis you'll like this, so go check it out. If you like webcomics in general for the free entertainment then you'll like to add this one, so go check it out. If you like Sci-Fi then there's a good chance you'll like this, so go check it out.

So ja, go check it out! Every Friday there's a new episode, each episode is about 6 pages. They are now 15 episodes in.

This link will take you to the start. Though next weekend it might not (looks like the URLs grow as you go back in time, rather than forward, so after next week's episode this will likely be pointing to the second episode).

edit: colour added
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