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just not worth trying // tech rant

Sometimes, you just have to accept that someone/something just doesn't want your help. I'm referring today to a particular case I've come across on a tech blog where I'm witnessing, well, massive quantities of fail. Normally this blog is reasonable, and I've seen some nice tips there in years past, but the quality has gone down rather substantially in recent months. Today was a new low.

You know how in WindowsXP there's this directory called "Documents and Settings" ("Users" on Vista)? The topic was supposed to be how to move this somewhere other than the default. The main post decided instead that it would talk about moving just the "My Documents" directory (a subdirectory where the user's documents (but nothing else) are generally presumed to be stored -- we are ignoring the fact that most users just dump all their crap on "Desktop"), ignoring that the whole point of moving the profile directory is lost by just moving one little subdirectory.

It gets better, though. I noticed that there were a few comments, so I thought perhaps someone had added some details about how to actually go about it. At this point I discover that the site has its WordPress FAIL setting cranked to max, as it suffers multiple crashes trying to load the comments. I finally get them up and discover that not only were most the comments patting the poster on the back for such a helpful bit of info, but the only one who pointed out that the post missed the point went on to say that it's not even possible! The mind reels. A quick google search returns just how to do this, and it's a documented (well, sorta) option for Windows. I figured this was a great time to help out, since I've done this in the past, so I start typing up a nice little comment with links pointing to the documentation, and when I go to submit the comment the whole thing blows up in my face and I get a dump of WP error strings all over my browser.

Fscking WordPress, why do people still use that mess?! It goes down more than a . . . well, it goes down mighty fast and often! Isn't there any other option out there for non-hosted blogs?

So I go back, enter another -- considerably shorter -- entry that still tries to be nice and helpful, remembering to include the links, and submit that. More WP fail.

I give up. They want accurate info and helpful links they'll have to either get them from someone else with more patience or stop using WordPress.
Tags: rant, tech

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