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updateness // random - Lograh — LiveJournal

Monday, 26.May.2008

14:45 - updateness // random

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Date:0:37 27.May.2008 (UTC)

Re: Some random responses to your random thoughts..

well, I've been casually interested in a fixie for going on two years now, so the interest is nothing new for me. the interest this time was more "ooh, shiny new thing" than a genuine "I want to ride again", though. Once I get back into riding I'll probably get a fixie to play with, but not before then.

it's impossible to work too hard when your job is your hobby. I would likely be poking at computers in my 'off time' even if my day job was flipping burgers (hell, I did poke at computers in my off time growing up -- though I never had a job flipping burgers). It's just this way I get paid for poking at computers.

And yes, the Devil is a damn cheap bastard.
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