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weekend update // life - Lograh — LiveJournal

Wednesday, 30.Apr.2008

13:31 - weekend update // life

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Date:0:23 03.May.2008 (UTC)
You can't walk around at night? bummer. There are parts of Sacramento I wouldn't want to walk around during night, either, but it's not too hard to get out of them and to the areas where you can go for a walk.

Polynomials are those fun things in math that involve x, and can have x squared or to some other power as well. Things like x+5 or x^2+5x-7. Note the lack of an = sign, x+5=3 is an equation, not a polynomial. There are other restrictions as well, the Wiki page does a good job of covering them.

remembering to turn off the stove when done. Yes, this is one of those steps in life you just need to remember. Keep practicing till it becomes automatic. It's just a bummer when you're trying to teach this process to someone and that's all you can tell them. There's no trick, no other way to explain it, you just have to make sure you go through all these steps. Those are the least enjoyable to tech and can be the hardest to learn.
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