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css joys // tech question

Right then. I kinda liked having a nice pretty drop-cap on my post a little while ago, and I've been looking at ways of getting that to work as a standard thing. One problem is, I can guess it's not very readable for at least one person on my flist the way I did it back then. Seeing as how I do value his input (he's a pretty keen guy, and has good ideas) I'd like for him to be able to read my posts (whether he actually *does* read them, I don't know for certain -- but I'd at least like for him to be able to).

So I've been doing some poking around, and I think I may have found out how to do it. But I need to know if it actually works. Hence this post. The following three words, while displaying differently, should read as the same word:




I'd appreciate it if anyone using an odd browser or platform, or a screen-reader, could let me know if there are any problems with any of those words. Additionally, if anyone out there with experience coding html/css and keeping it accessible could have a look at my post's source and tell me if I'm doing it wrong, that'd help out too. I'll probably wind up going with the middle option, but wanted to test the first also just so I know how it all plays out.

Thanks, all.
Tags: questions, tech

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