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bundles of joy? // linkage

So yeah, I went and got the MacUpdate bundle they are offering currently. Playing with ArtText and it seems cute enough, but not sure I'll be using it all that much. There's also that MacHeist bundle going on at the moment, which I'm not as keen on. I can say, though, that some of the software in that is nice. I purchased the last MH bundle they did, and ChaChing, CoverSutra, and Awaken were in that one as well. I like ChaChing and I can admit that CoverSutra and Awaken both do their job well enough, it's just that I have no use for them. There isn't a computer near my bed to run Awaken on, and I don't listen to music anywhere near enough to make CoverSutra remotely worthwhile anymore. I've used WriteRoom before and am tempted to purchase it separately, but I don't write enough. As for iClip and DevonThink, they are another category of "not the workflow for my needs, but if I did this certain job they'd probably be great".

As for the MU bundle, I'm kinda liking the little things. Hazel has some real functionality hidden in it that I didn't expect. Like when I delete an app, it will automatically scan the drive for any related files and ask if I want to trash them as well. Kinda like AppZapper (which I got in the previous MH bundle) but it's all automatic and I don't have to think about it. I just go and delete the app (side-note: one nice thing about OSX is that there often isn't an "uninstall" process -- the app is generally all one self-contained file so you just delete it when you want to get rid of it). MenuCalendarClock is quite nifty for having quick access to your calendar and upcoming events, with less wasted screen real-estate than running the whole iCal program. DVDRemaster seems less impressive than HandBrake, which I've been using for some time now, so that's kinda a dud; of course, it is worth noting that I don't need to shrink DVDs to fit smaller discs -- I just export to quicktime/iphone files. Leap and StoryMill both seem impressively well done, but not for any workflow I have need of -- again with the "boy, if I really needed them these would be great apps" category. Typinator I have yet to try out, but a co-worker is using it and says it's a great timesaver. Being as typo-prone as I am (you have no idea how many mistakes I make that get corrected before submitting; the 'backspace' key was the first one I memorized), I may have to get it up and running. And, of course, ArtText (which I used to make the leading character of this post) which I don't see a great need for in my life.

Of course, there are also the currently-locked apps. Most famous of which I think is Parallels. This is a serious must-have app for Mac users that have *any* need to run windows apps. For people like me, who have to support both platforms, a Mac with Parallels installed is the ideal primary computer. It lets me do work so much more easily and efficiently than having two separate systems. Thus I purchased Parallels the day I got the Mac, so I'm not waiting for it to unlock. The other two apps seem interesting, but I don't do the kind of work they are geared towards so they'll probably end up collecting dust. That is, of course, if they even get unlocked. At the current rate they are selling copies I don't expect any of the locked apps will open up. I certainly wouldn't purchase the bundles on the hope of getting a locked app this time around.

There was more I was going to say, on other topics, but it'll have to wait since I don't quite know how to say it.
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