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comfort? // an elaboration - Lograh — LiveJournal

Friday, 11.Apr.2008

8:46 - comfort? // an elaboration

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Date:18:01 11.Apr.2008 (UTC)
Still, I dont see this as redefining a "term" as you called it in your previous post. I think the way it was worded, it came across wrong to me.
This explanation sounds more like redefining aspects of yourself rather than your notions of what a word means to you. Which I suppose could be viewed as the same idea... But I read your previous post as an example of what I've seen many times before in previous friends of mine... They're unhappy, so they tell themselves that what they have is what they want. And so that becomes the truth for them. Bliss through ignoring the truth and creating their own truth. Redefining.

Also, my comment was not meant to be taken literally. It was typed with a somewhat tongue in cheek outlook, hoping to spark a discussion and possibly an elaboration of the very short and simple post.
Which it seems to have done. :)
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Date:22:22 11.Apr.2008 (UTC)
yeah, I'm not so big on ignoring the truth these days. Quite the opposite, one could say; I'm spending a lot of time trying to clearly identify was really is going on.

No worries about misinterpreting. As I said, it can be hard to fit some ideas in the space of an SMS message. And I had planned on posting this anyway, just didn't want to do it last night. :)
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