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Sunday, 06.Apr.2008

18:47 - Posted using TxtLJ

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Fortunately, I keep the band-aids in the bathroom.


Date:4:04 07.Apr.2008 (UTC)
Cut yourself shaving?
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Date:1:54 08.Apr.2008 (UTC)
Yeah. What made it special (and worth noting) is that it wasn't some little nick on my face like I'm getting regularly now (still learning how to handle the blade around all the bumps on my face). This time, it was on my finger! I was nudging the skin tight and misjudged where the blade was, and before I really had time to notice what had happened I've gone and cut a nice little slit right across the top of the first knuckle on my left middle finger! It went across the whole finger, though luckily not very deep. Deep enough to bleed a nice amount and need a bandage.

That razor cuts *soooo* easily with even the slightest sideways motion. Long as you go straight perpendicular to the blade you're fine, introduce even the slightest sideways vector to your motion and you're risking a quick slice.

But I'm getting better! Practice, practice, right? :)
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