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Friday, 28.Mar.2008

19:54 - Posted using TxtLJ

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Shaves as close as a blade, indeed.


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Date:18:33 30.Mar.2008 (UTC)


how did it work out?
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Date:20:19 31.Mar.2008 (UTC)

Re: so?

well, it takes a lot of getting used to. Also, getting a razor cut is significantly more interesting than with a modern cartridge-based razor.

All the online advice sites said to start small, doing only a little patch of your face with the straight razor and finishing off with your normal one. I can see why. Shaving is a lot more ritual with a straight razor, not so much of daily tedium like it is with the modern multi-blade cartridge razors. At least, that is how it seems, just starting out like I am.
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