Lograh (lograh) wrote,

strike? boycot? // topical

so yeah, I've been told that there's some sort of LJ posting strike going on today. Something about us not supposed to be posting today, or whatever.

Problem is, I don't have anything particularly interesting to say at the moment. But I don't want people to look at my LJ and see that I just happened to not post today. So here this is.


Oh, I know. How about a link? See, I use Googe Reader to follow a few rss feeds. Some interesting, some funny, some stupid (but with the occasional gem), and some thoughtful (with occasional stupidity). I mark a few posts so I can find them easily later on. Of those, some I think are worth sharing with others as being interesting. So I've got this little "shared items" area. According to the Trends data for my gReader, I've put 77 items in there over the last 30 days. If yer interested in seeing what I'm following (at least, what I advertise I'm following), here's the link.
Tags: linkage, topical
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