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spam is getting violent // random

So I get home yesterday and check the mail, spam spam spa - mer? Well, it was likely spam, but I like to not take the chance it's actually important. And besides, it only takes a minute or so to peek at what's in the envelope and verify it's spam. So I open a corner and poke my finger in to tear the side (I open my envelopes at the side) and as I'm moving my finger down I get a paper-cut on the top of my finger! right at the last knuckle, so I can't bandage it or anything and it has to move every time I go to use my finger. GRRRR.. And it *WAS* spam! Evil, nasty, violently blood-thirsty spam from the depths of bogus-extended-car-warranty-land (who actually signs up for those things anyway). I liked it better when those particular spam mails came on a postcard so I could see right away they were spam and just toss them.

See, that's one thing I don't get about postal spam. Why do these companies think harassing me is in any way a good idea? If I want a new credit card, or a loan, or whatever you have to sell, I'll do research as to the various options and odds are good I'll find out about you. If you've been constantly bombarding me on a near-daily basis with junk mail then I don't care how good a deal you offer, I'm not going to do business with you. I've long since vowed to never have any business with CitiBank, since they are by far the worst offender. Take another company, INGdirect, I've never received any mail from them at all, yet I'm considering opening a savings account there. Leave me alone and I like you, be an ass to me and I don't like you. It's really that simple!

I understand that often my ideas and values differ greatly from the "average" person's, but I really find it hard to believe the average person *likes* being harassed.
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