Lograh (lograh) wrote,

windows joy // tech

it seems every time I have to work with windows recently it reminds me why I'm happy I've switched my main platform to a Mac.

So, I'm installing the Vista SP1 in my testing VM (where I check it for readiness before we choose to roll it out to our users), and it's been at it for over an hour now (no, I haven't skimped on the resources I've given it, and no, my machine isn't that slow -- it's a HUGE service pack). I went and did a few jobs, came back and it was still on stage 1 of 3.. Sigh. So I minimize the VM window to let it do its thing while I get some other work done, and I'm working away when I hear the Vista login sound (actually quite nice) and I think, "great, it's done with SP1, now I can start poking at it!".


It had just started stage 3 of 3 of the install. WTF? Tease.

I can tell this is not going to end well.
Tags: rant, tech
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