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Last night I dreamt that I was wearing a watch.

I remember there was quite a bit more to the dream. There were people, and something happening, and it was quite active. In the middle of this, though, I noticed there was a watch on my wrist and I just stopped. I distinctly remember stopping in the middle of all that, and just wondering at the watch on my wrist. It was a metallic watch of some sort, I really can't recall the specifics. A basic guy's analogue watch, with a pronounced bezel and stuff on the face (design? mini-watch-things? dunno). I can't remember the type of band it had, though.

I haven't actually worn a watch on my wrist for some time. First it started with my noticing that watches on my outer right wrist got massively scratched up, so I rotated them to the inside of my wrist. This also led to considerable damage, though, since I spent some time writing stuff (and I'm right-handed). Using a mouse would also cause problems with a watch on my inner right wrist. So I moved them to my left wrist. This worked for a while but was still unsatisfactory. I eventually moved the watch to my belt. This was pretty much the place for it for many years, hanging off my belt, just in front of my right pocket. Worked well, too! It was easy to keep it from damage, even when I was carrying heavy stuff, and it was always there and easy to read when I wanted to check the time. Now I've moved to using my phone for the time. A little harder to check, sure, but it's one less thing I need to carry around and bother with maintaining.

So yeah, like I was saying, in my dream I was wearing a watch (which, btw, doesn't look a thing like my last watch) on my right wrist! In a place and position I haven't had a watch for almost half my life. Weird. Even weirder, for me, was that I pretty much just put the entire dream on pause and pondered how a watch got on my right wrist. The few times I remember my dreams, I don't remember any sort of control element. I'm involved, sure, and making choices just like one would expect, but the choices when I'm in a dream seem contrived and predetermined upon reflection. I would choose to run to the building, but when I remember it in the morning that choice felt like there was no other real option. This morning, I remembered actually stopping the events in the dream and just staring in amazement at this watch on my wrist, and wondering how it got there.
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