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last decade // memory lane

10 years ago, today, was a Friday. Myself and a few friends were planning a trip to the bay area to stay with other friends for the weekend. The fun we had planned for Friday night was some volunteering at The Marine Mammal Center in San Francisco. I vaguely remember doing some of that, but I don't recall much. Then again, I don't recall much from last year, so 10 years ago being fuzzy isn't terribly unexpected. I like the warning pasted in the email sent out by the coordinating person:
This is not because we might get wet. This is because
we'll be up to our ankles in chlorine bleach and sea
creature vomit.

Sea creature vomit. Ah yes, the carefree days of youth. Back when I was.. er.. twentysomething. :)

The plans for the following Saturday, I recall even less of. For this, though, I have an excuse -- It was a great party. The wondrous Santa Cruz geekhouse known as the Peanut Circus (site now down and taken over by someone else, but here's a wayback machine version from that year: link) was having one of their themed parties for St. Patrick's day (wayback version of that party's announcement here). Quite a party, that. The announcement says there will be "a keg". If memory serves, there were multiple kegs. And bottles. And much more. Peanut Circus parties were good times, I'm glad I got to attend a few.

It is interesting, reading through emails from so long ago. Looking at what I used to do, and how I'm just not interested in it anymore. It's not that I for some reason "can't" do these things anymore. I'm certainly physically capable of attending such a party. I probably couldn't consume quite so much alcohol as I used to, but that's just because I stopped drinking a few years back. It's something deeper. I just don't even feel any interest in attending parties of any kind these days. Nor am I interested in going clubbing (not that I ever did it much, but at least I did it sometimes). Anything more than a few friends getting together and I'm not interested. I hate to say I grew out of it, since I know many people my age still are actively living up that lifestyle -- indeed, many at the party back then were as old as I am now. Physical age has nothing to do with it. It's more of a temperament, a mentality kind of thing.
Or perhaps it's just a phase I'm going through.

A 'phase'. Sounds so adolescent to say it that way. I used to think that by the time I crossed to the thritysomethings, I'd have settled down and been done with 'phases'. I guess we never really stop learning, changing, and growing.

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