Lograh (lograh) wrote,

weirdest bug EVAR! // iPhone

Okay, this is *really* strange.

So, right then, here we go with what I think is the weirdest bug I have yet to come across.

First, the background:
- the iPhone allows you to freely create your own custom ringtones (up to about 40 seconds or so in length) using GarageBand and using iTunes.
- you arrange the tunes however you want, select the section to be the ringtone using the "loop" tool, and choose "export ringtone to iTunes"
- Ringtone then shows up in the "ringtones" area of iTunes, ready to be synced over (either automagically or manually, depending on your settings) to the iPhone.
- Ringtone, once synced, now shows up in the "ringtones" area for you to select for any of a number of system sounds, such as alarm noises or the system default ringtone.

So, normally this all *just works*. However, recently I have come across a problem. Don't know if this is related to a recent update or if it just kinda happened since I have been re-making my ringtones for better quality recently. Either way, here's the deal.

I have a default ringtone that I rather like. It's from the "Space Monkeys" song on the Fight Club soundtrack, about part way through for roughly 15 seconds there is a segue to a playful little ditty that is quite pleasant. I pull that track in to Garageband, select the playful ditty, export to iTunes and send it on over to the iPhone. All is good, I set my default ringtone and it works as expected.
I also have always liked waking up to the beginning of "Time" by Pink Floyd. I remember back in high school I had a radio/cassette player/turntable/clock thing that could set an alarm time. When the alarm went off, it would switch on and whatever it was set to happened. I would queue up the start of "Time" on the vinyl copy of Dark Side of the Moon I had pillaged from the boxes where my mom kept her record collection (with her permission, of course) and the needle would dutifully sit all night waiting for the morning when the alarm would switch the stereo unit on and my room would be filled with that lovely cacophony that would start my day (perhaps this says something about me?). Anyhow, I grab a digital copy of "Time", toss it in Garageband, outline the first 31 seconds (that's about how long it takes till the final bell fades out) and send it as a ringtone to iTunes. Sync it over, and here's where it gets weird.

It would seem that, no matter what I call them, the "Time" ringtone absorbs the "Space Monkeys" ringtone. Other ringtones are not affected. Doesn't matter what order I sync them in -- Space Monkeys first, Time first, both in the same Sync. Also, if I remove Time from the iPhone, Space Monkeys is back to normal.

To illustrate:
My ringtones list (as reported by the iPhone) before syncing "Time":
A Time for the Fear
CTU Ringtone
Space Monkeys

My ringtones list (as reported by the iPhone) after syncing "Time":
A Time for the Fear
CTU Ringtone

My ringtones list (as reported by iTunes) after syncing "Time":
A Time for the Fear
CTU Ringtone
Space Monkeys

The second ringtone is registered, but the index entry (on the iPhone) for Space Monkeys now points to Time. I can not access Space Monkeys through any means. I have attempted re-creating these ringtones a number of times, from different GarageBand projects, multiple reboots of both Mac and iPhone, multiple removals of both ringtones from iTunes and iPhone. This was happening before the 1.1.4 update and after the 1.1.4 update, so my iPhone has been through a complete restore and this hasn't fixed it (and no, I haven't done anything to the iPhone that isn't 100% apple-approved (except, perhaps, a minor drop once)). The crazy thing is, browsing the ringtones that are stored on the iPhone, using iTunes, doesn't show the problem! iTunes thinks all is well! It can even play both ringtones from the iPhone!

I'm at a loss. It would seem that I either don't get my ringtone, or I don't get my wake-up alarm. Given that I wake up every day and I only talk on the phone once every few weeks, I'll probably choose the alarm sound.

Still, a *very* odd bug.

addendum: I just had to post this in 4 chunks. Trying to post the whole thing got me a "bad UTF-8" error. Copy it to a text editor and re-paste (to remove any odd formatting (that shouldn't have been in a text input field anyhow)) and still got the error. re-built the entry by slowly pasting in small chunks and submitting, then editing the previous submission to paste on the next chunk. Finally worked! WTF?!?!

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