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man, I'm just not in the mood for this moment.

This place, these things. feh.

This music: Aphrodite, Tori Amos, NIN, Beethoven, Moby, Sting, Moodswings, Seal, They Might Be Giants, Snog, Lords of Acid, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, 'Mu'-Ziq, Dead Can Dance, Rush, U2 . . . Primus is the closest and even it's not grooving with me right now.

I want to take a nice long walk. Spend a few hours going nowhere, doing nothing and photographing every bit of it. I've not shot many pictures recently, my website has been stagnant for want of time to update it.

Perhaps I'll actually leave work on time today, or better yet, I'll just say I'm taking last thursday's lunch (that's how far behind I am in taking breaks) today at 4 and get out of here an hour early. Yeah, right, like I'll actually do that. We all know I'm going to get started unboxing and imaging those new machines at about 3ish and wind up not noticing what time it is untill about 6:30 tonight. And then it'll be too late to go pick up my prints from the photo shop. That'll suck ass.

If I can get out in time, though, it will be nice to grab them. The people said that my prints should be ready either yesterday or today. I tried yesterday and they were not ready yet, so I guess it'll be today (I hope). I am doubting the 8x10 will work, it was a small file to begin with (the clock-tower desktop on metalic paper), but the others should turn out fine. a few 4x6 shots and some at 5x7. It will be nice to have some little pictures to hammer onto my wall here. No windows makes for a very lifeless office, so some pictures will help to liven it up a bit.

I do need to shoot more images tonight, though. I noticed this morning that I haven't done any serious shutter-bugging in a while. A good two weeks, I'd guess. Perhaps spending the time tonight just taking random snaps of life will help out. I doubt any will really shine when I review them tomorow, I just don't have the energy to get fantastic pics right now, but even if they are crap the process is what I need. I can just delete the files when I'm done with it, but at least having done it, though, that is what I need. Remind myself why I even have the camera, the website. I could also use the time to practice my skillz, of course. Though it's likely just going to be the practice-by-osmosis kind of thing where ya just sit there and dink around all night. By the end of 280+ images, though, I'll have gotten something out of the time.

280 pics. that number still gets to me. That's, what, 10 rolls of film? 8 at 36/roll? er.. okay, calculator says it's 7.7 rolls at 36/roll. damn, either way you cut it, technology is getting mad impressive.

Of course, the freaky thing will be when I upgrade (next summer or fall, perhaps) to a 6 or 9mp camera and that number drops to 140 or even 90, respectively. I'll have to get another memory card at that point. Thankfully they will have dropped in price some by that point, but I'll also likely be lured by a 2 or 3GB version, rather than just the 1GB I'm running now, and you _know_ those will be pricey. grrr.. The painful path that is the upgrade.

But back to tonight (back to the future?). I don't know if I'll ride home. It could get awkward trying to balance the bike and camera. Some of those paths along the trail can get a bit iffy even for a bike to navigate. Perhaps I'll just walk along the path home and just kinda do my wandering there. hrmm.. 8 miles, let's tak on another two or so and call it 10 miles because of all the side-trips. Say I'll go slow, 3mph, hrmm.. 3+ hours walking home. This might just work.

One must think on the possibilities.

"They call me Mr. Knowitall... I am so eloquent... Perfection is my middle name... And whatever rhymes with eloquent." Man, I love Primus.

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