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Sunday, 02.Mar.2008

10:59 - Posted using TxtLJ

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One part if caffeine addiction is tolerance. I just had my first shot of normal esspresso this year.


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Date:20:12 02.Mar.2008 (UTC)

oh yeh?

where from? Any particular reason?
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Date:21:04 03.Mar.2008 (UTC)

Re: oh yeh?

nothing and nowhere special. I was at the laundry, walked to the coffee shop next door (Coffee Works) and got some food for breakfast and just absentmindedly ordered a white mocha. I forgot to specify decaf and I didn't ask for my (now usual) white hot chocolate. So there I sat, facing a drink with a whole shot of espresso in it. Didn't want to waste it, felt like an idiot for even ordering it, so I drank it.
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