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Downtown just keeps getting better // mobloging - Lograh — LiveJournal

Saturday, 09.Feb.2008

13:10 - Downtown just keeps getting better // mobloging

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For those who know, seeing this logo says it all. For those who
don't, you should come find out.
Same great pizza that we remember from the good ol' days, available
by the slice or as a whole pie. On 20th between J and K.


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Date:1:22 10.Feb.2008 (UTC)
and open until 2:30 AM on the weekends!
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Date:8:20 10.Feb.2008 (UTC)

going to have to try it.

But I wonder how the vegi is... I can only remember the meat pizza from long ago. That one time we got vegi doesn't stick in my mind.
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