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Wednesday, 06.Feb.2008

20:31 - Posted using TxtLJ

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Date:14:43 07.Feb.2008 (UTC)
My dictionary defines it as "the theory or belief that God does not exist." I think this is interesting, because by capitalizing God it is referring only to theist gods, the belief in one big God. But how many people know that?

I refused the title 'atheist' for a long time because I didn't like the negative connotations attached to it, but it is what I am. I am also agnostic, by one definition - I don't believe it is possible to know if there is a God or not. But I guess the main difference is that people whom identify as agnostic don't know but think probably yes, and atheists don't know but think probably no.

I think the question is interesting because most religious people think that atheists have no moral direction and are therefore selfish, horrible people. But in my experience most atheists are very conscientious, ethical people. *shrug*

Maybe I just know a lot of nice people. :)
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Date:16:16 07.Feb.2008 (UTC)
well, like tends to attract like and you are a very nice person, so it stands to reason that you would be naturally surrounded with at least reasonably nice people. :)

I would argue that your statement "atheists don't know but think probably no" is biased by your personal belief that it is impossible to know. I suspect there are many who have no doubt there is no god and to imply they actually "don't know but think probably no" would be taken as a personal insult by them (I'm not one, but to hear some talk it's not hard to presume they are out there).
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