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... makes me a sad panda // work - Lograh — LiveJournal

Monday, 04.Feb.2008

14:05 - ... makes me a sad panda // work

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Gah. So I'm required to take some sexual harassment online training again (it's a regular thing -- every year or two) for my work. I don't mind the training, as it is an important issue to be aware of. What I do mind is that it is required to take at least two hours. So, doesn't matter if I can quickly read and comprehend and learn all the material at my own pace, if I click the "next" button too quickly the training won't count and I have to start all over again.




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Date:4:35 05.Feb.2008 (UTC)
I absolutely hate those stupid on-line trainings that make you sit there for the whole 2 hours. I've had to do that a couple of times and it is infuriating. I learned to sort of do other things while I have the tests open.
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Date:16:33 05.Feb.2008 (UTC)
heh.. yeah, I got quite a bit of other online reading done while I just let the training tab sit open.
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