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What to write about?

y'know, it really is rather impressive how many ideas for posts I come across, but never enter in here.

Today's thought: Google's new iPhone interface is made of fail. It loads slower than the previous interfaces, doesn't support secure connections, and doesn't return the same results as a normal search. Access to the search-based Google tools (like unit conversion) isn't supported. Searching for "cups in quart" on normal google gives a direct answer, same search on the new iPhone interface gives "no results". Also, in reader you can read an item then hit the back button and be right back at the item if you wanted to star/share it. The new interface, when you hit the back button from reading the item, dumps you back at the main reader page. Also, from reading an RSS entry, it's one tap to get back to your feeds list, but that's two taps with the new interface.
I'll be sticking with my separate bookmarks for google, reader, and gmail.

hrmmmmmm. What else....

Here's a nice dhamma talk titled "A Happiness Based Inside" from Thanissaro Bhikkhu (the server it's on is rather low-powered, so be patient and kind to it). mp3 Link here. I think it is so wonderful that they are recording some his talks and making them available here. He has a great way with words. Some longer talks by him can be found here at the AudioDharma site (in the Vipassana section, with other teachers in the same tradition).

I am so running low on disk space. The trash has become a very busy space. Lots of files get downloaded, worked on, then offloaded and the local copies get trashed and the trash emptied. I'm gradually coming to the realization that this laptop, while nice for most purposes, just isn't quite cut out to be my only machine here at work. Some days, my duties just demand too much of it. I'm looking at options.
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