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oddest combination of sensations // life - Lograh — LiveJournal

Sunday, 18.Nov.2007

19:50 - oddest combination of sensations // life

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so yeah, for some reason after only 20 or so minutes of sitting my right leg always falls asleep. I don't know, maybe I'm positioned worng? Anyhoo, I continue to sit till the time is up, numb leg and all, and this leads to tonight's post. After the bell rings and I straighten out my legs, the blood reviving my poor leg tissue, the familiar tingling pins and needles start up, but they brought a friend with them -- shivvers! Anyone else ever get this? My guess is the still blood in my leg dropped some fraction of a degree (half an hour of inadequate circulation after it went numb) and having all that liquid returning to my system probably sets off some "must warm up now!" sensor in my brain. It's pretty weird, though, laying there with your leg in pain and the rest of your body twitching trying to warm up. :)

I really have got to figure out some way to sit that doesn't put my leg to sleep. :(

edit: subject changed for clarity