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62 boxes on 4 pallets came in today. 31 more computers. got them up to the second floor with the help of a pallet jack and then proceeded to use my bad-ass box moving skilz to get them sorted and stored in a neat and orderly fasion in under 15 minutes.

Now, if only I could say the other (150?) computers we have to work with in the next month are going to be as easy to move around. Unfortunately they are not all boxed up and on pallets. :(

My WinXP image is about one or two minor tweaks from being complete. I'm still debating between OfficeXP or Office2k, I'll likely stay with 2k since XP is a piece of crap, but we'll see what the users will take. Either way, I've got WinXP tweaked so hard and tight for this that it's performance is running circles around what it will normally do out of the box. I could probably get it to run on a 486 with 32MB of ram at this point were it not for the Pentium-specific opcodes it uses. hrmm.. A Pentium-75 with 32MB? I'm thinking I'll try that. I might just know who's computer I'll use for it, also. He's getting upgraded next week, so this might work. >;)

I'll benchmark it against a standard Win98 install, also! _THAT_ will be interesting. See if I can get it optimized so much it runs as quickly as 98! Likely impossible, but isn't that how every great idea starts out?

The ghost bootdisk works slick as a greased pig with these new boxes, thank goodness -- gives me some more time before I have to get my Win2k server up with altiris.

Speaking of the server, still haven't gotten those damn fans quieted down. My makeshift muffler works a bit, but I'd like them to be quieter, I'll check the Dell website to see if they've gotten that BIOS update out for it yet -- they've been promising it for a week now.

Spoke with Biology about the new faculty member's room. Turns out they would rather drop the network line the "proper" way instead of having me crawl through the celing and run the line from a nearby office. Costs them about $600 more that way, and takes 3 weeks longer, but hell, it keeps me out of the crawlspace so I'm fine with that! :)

And in the midst of all this, I've managed to win 4 straight games of Imperial Trumps (a variant on Solitaire that uses the Tarot deck) during my helpline watch! that's 54 wins and 14 losses for that game so far. :)

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