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Saturday, 13.Oct.2007

17:51 - Posted using TxtLJ

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It is amazing how much you can get done once you have removed distractions.


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Date:16:30 14.Oct.2007 (UTC)
We were admittedly a bit worried about you the other day. While we appreciated the gift of CDs and contributions to the fest, giving away one's personal belongings and running off is sometimes a suicidal behavior.

although so was last night's show, in a way. some malfunctioning fireworks caught the inside of an ABS pipe on fire and I filled the whole place with toxic smoke.

anyhow, don't kill yourself. you have so much to live for...like bunnies.
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Date:17:40 14.Oct.2007 (UTC)
oh, no, nothing like that. I am sorry if that is the impression you got, it couldn't be further from the truth. I am just no longer listening to music (why I gave you my CDs), watching movies, going to shows (why I'm not attending the fest), or a few other things. I'm not at all considering ending my life, if anything I'm focusing on living it more now than I ever have before.
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