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one, two -- those are easy enough. I mean, sure there is quite a challenge to really do them right, but to at least get the basic level, that much is pretty straight-forward.
three, while it takes focus, is not terriible either. I can understand that perhaps I'm just weird like that, fine.
four really forces you to think a lot more about where you find yourself. How you interact with others. It is something I have been doing off and on for years now, but to spell it out like this is something I hadn't attempted.
five, well, I already went over that.
Six is also something that I have been doing for years but just never phrased it that way.
seven, now here is the one I'm having a very difficult time with. I only know one person who has more music (legaly) than I do. It is quite telling, though, to watch the writhing spasms my mind is going through from the withdrawals. It sucks, sure, but I really do feel that I will be better once (if) I make it to the other side. It can't be good to have something have that strong a steel grip on your thoughts.
Eight, like six, is a habit I came to many years ago, and have been mocked because of a-plenty.

So that's what, five, five and a half, put of the eight that I had already come to through my own methods for my own reasons? Perhaps she was right afterall?
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