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So yeah, it's rather keen of Apple to make the UI inspector available for free. It's a nice tool you can use to sniff through the greesy underbelly of the GUI elements in *any* app. nice tool for scripting programs that don't make it entirely clear how to script them. This is good in so many ways, I'm poking around various apps right now digging through their interface hierarchies just to see what's there to be clicked or dragged. In doing so, I came across an interesting curiosity (don't know if it's a bug or by design).

So yeah, PhotoBooth. Fun app, that. I've been using it quite a bit recently (changing my buddy icon almost every day in iChat (speaking of which, g31g3r: when you going to accept my request to iChat with you!?)) and having fun with the effects and other photoboothy goodness. I discovered that it responds to the UI interaction even when minimized (well, it *should*, but I've long since given up on expecting 'should' to be 'does'). You can activate the "make this picture my iChat buddy picture" button while Photobooth is minimized and sure enough your iChat buddy icon will change automagically! But here's the weird part: try that with the "take a picture now" button. It should be noted at this point that even while PhotoBooth is minimized, the camera LED is green which is supposed to mean the camera is on. So you lock on with the UI inspector to the "take picture" button, then minimize PhotoBooth, then active the button. You can hear the "ding ding ding" countdown of Photobooth as though it's about to take a picture, and then the screen flashes and you hear the shutter sound. So I'm thinking, "Great, it took a picture while minimized!" NO! There is a new picture in the filmstrip, sure enough, but it's black. So while photobooth will respond to UI interaction, and the camera is on, it doesn't actually poll the camera memory while minimized. I suppose it kinda makes sense (less CPU usage from a minimized process) but it's kinda annoying when yer trying to take pictures without having windows cluttering up the screen.

ah well. interesting little quirk. I'm still enjoying it a-plenty. :)
Tags: mac, tech

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