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everything must go! // life

Well, maybe not *everything*, but I am selling my CDs. I've already gone and sold ten of them, and it is quite depressing how little the shops offer for them. But alas, one must do what one must do.

If anyone has any interest in grabbing parts of my collection, let me know. I am willing to give away some of them for free, but I would like to get some cash for most of them. I'm giving each of them one last listen to as a farewell so I can't just up and offload all at once, but I do hope to be rid of most within a month or two.

My books are also being gotten rid of, but those I'm just giving away to people. Also, since I read at a snail's pace I can't realistically give them one last reading so that's more of a "clumps as I can bear to part with them" kind of thing. Anyone interested in seeing a list of the books I'm giving away?
Tags: life, media

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