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So yeah, in realization that my phone fails at MMS at least 80% of the time, I've switched to attaching the pictures to emails and sending them in that way. Problem is, it seems LJ will quietly trash any email that has just a subject and an attached picture, but no text in the body. So now I have to think up not only a subject (functionally the 'title' of the shot) but also a little bit of flavor text. Nevermind the royal pain in the ass that goes along with typing the added text in! But at least delivery is proving to be reliable using this method. Also, the iPhone presumably can send emails with pictures attached so if I pick that upgrade route I am still covered (I still think it'd be easier if it just did MMS, but I suppose it's unreasonable to expect an Apple cell phone to match the capabilities of all the other cell phones on the market -- "think different" and all).

Speaking of iPhone, I've read some rather disheartening reviews that make me somewhat happy I've been too poor to afford one yet. Please, someone who knows, tell me I'm mis-reading (or the reviews are wrong) but does safari truly not have the ability to remember passwords or cookies for sites? And does it also refuse to upload or download files to/from websites? 'Cause, like, these are rather important things (the password/cookie issue is fscking huge). I have tons of complex passwords that I do *not* want to type in all the damn time. Not having copy/paste is bad enough (I tend to keep them in a vault), but if I have to type them more than once it's worse than not having a web browser at all (the bulk of my web browsing requires logging in to sites).

Perhaps I'll be waiting to see if Apple fixes this and a few other flaws before jumping on board. It's still a damn sexy device, still a joy to play with (used a few Apple store demo units), but if it doesn't meet my needs I'll have to pass ('cause seriously, I'm not going to pay $600 for something that is functionally equivalent to what I have right now).
Tags: meta, mobloging, tech

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