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Sometimes, you just have to remove your head from your ass // Tech rant

Can someone *please* tell me why apple thinks it is better to not allow people to resize windows at the edges, instead relegating this rather important function to one specific corner? Say I want to move/resize a window so it takes some of the right side of the screen. Can I simply move it so the right edge is along the side and then resize it from the left edge till it occupies as much screen as I want? Not if it's done by the close-minded apple programmers! No, to do this rather simple task "The Apple Way", one has to grab the lower-right corner of the application and resize it (both vertically and horizontally) till they think it's the right size, then move the app to the right. Messed up on the size? Go back to the lower right corner and try making it a little smaller or bigger. Messed up the vertical size? Go back to the lower right corner and try pulling it down without moving too much to the side. ffs Apple, grow up! I don't care how many usability studies from the '70s say it's a simpler interface to only allow resizing from the lower-right, it's a stupid idea and makes the computer many times more difficult to use. Sure, it'd be a lot simpler to drive a car if you could only turn right, but it makes it a hell of a lot more difficult to get where you want to go!

What brought all this up is Safari on Windows. Okay, fine, nice to have another option. It'd be better if the browser didn't suck total ass, but I suppose one can't have everything in life. I'm trying it out and I see that they took their "can only resize windows from the lower-right corner" mentality and shoehorned it on to the windows platform as well. What is really annoying about this is that iTunes on Windows does not have this pointless limitation. I've looked high and low for any sort of option to switch Safari to a more reasonable "grab and resize where ever you want" behaviour, but to no avail.

A truly usable program is one that the user doesn't have to learn how to use.
Tags: rant, tech

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