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So, in other news, I was talking with my dad about my TV situation a while ago. See, I have a nice big table that I would like to have in the middle of my living room, but I can't because it is currently pushed up against the far wall for the TV to sit on. The TV is light enough (LCD FTW), so it's not particularly damaging the table (it's a cheap IKEA deal, so no big loss even if it is hurt), but it's still annoying having all that table so far from where I would like to use it. So my dad and I tossed around some ideas a few weeks back, and I let them simmer in my head for a while, and yesterday I started designing a simple enough TV stand with a shelf for the DVD player. Nothing fancy, and not free-standing, it's basically just two legs leaning against the wall with cross-bars for stabilization and vertical beams to mount the TV to. All real simple, yes, but I wanted to make sure the weight was properly distributed and I also wanted the angle from vertical for the TV surface to be adjustable. So I sketch out a few ideas, start factoring in weights, centers of gravity, and before I know it I'm manually working out the square root of three to four decimals precision and approximating the inverse sine of my measurements to get an idea of the angle this thing will lean against the wall at. Sure, I could have just turned on the laptop and used the calculator there, but the sad thing is I was actually having *fun* doing it all on paper with pen.

Even scarier is when I first spent a few minutes figuring the square root of two, before realizing it was supposed to be three instead, and I didn't even mind the wasted time.
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