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Just a quickie note: "Year Zero" by Nine Inch Nails is likely the best album they've put out in a _long_ while. I mean, sure "With Teeth" had some nice moments -- particularly the last two tracks (and not just because they meant the album was over). But it had lost some of their flavor. Or perhaps it would be fairer to say "The Fragile" lost their flavor and "With Teeth" simply neglected to find it again? Of course, I liked "The Fragile" as well, but it wasn't any "Downward Spiral", and till now they hadn't had anything like "Pretty Hate Machine" since, well, "Pretty Hate Machine" itself. :)

"Year Zero", though, makes up for all that. I have been listening for this album on repeat for weeks now. Far longer than I normally will when first appreciating a new album. Some tracks are certainly better than others. Some could probably be cut without significantly hurting the overall work. But even those that I think are the worst on the album prove to have their place in the overall story and they are still good pieces. There is more of the old-skool NIN that we grew up on. The heavy industrial tones they carved a niche with are there on at least half the album. But at the same time they are put together with a more sophisticated touch that has obviously been learnt from their last two works. The album has a much 'darker' feel to it than I got from the previous one, and there also seems to be a much more concerted effort behind it.

Overall, I think this is easily one of their best albums. Perhaps not *the* best -- I'd have to re-listen to the catalogue a few times to decide that -- but certainly in the top few. And I'd likely want it to be a "desert island disc" for me (though that could just be the current fascination talking).

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