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this sucketh // mobloging - Lograh — LiveJournal

Wednesday, 11.Apr.2007

18:17 - this sucketh // mobloging

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This is the second time in recent memory my phone has botched up my mobloging!! It just gets an MMS stuck in its outbox and refuses to believe it has sent it no matter how many times it goes through! This blocks all the other pictures until I manually go in and delete the stuck one. GAH!

fscking windows!!!! and they want to put this in *CARS*?

Anyhow, yeah. "Flowers!" is from, like, days ago. "Let there be light" is from just a few hours ago. I'll have to remember to watch this more carefully in the future. Let's hope the replacement phone (iPhone or otherwise, whatever it winds up being) doesn't have this same problem.

edit:typo (and spelling) fixed