Lograh (lograh) wrote,

well, doesn't _THAT_ just shove a cactus up yer ass?

I broke a CD case today. grrr. It's my GU012 (Global Underground 012: Dave Seaman) cd.

The thing that makes it annoying is that it's one of those nifty double-dics cases that is just as big as a single-disk case. The backing that holds disk one flips up and disc two is stuck to the reverse side. Very nift, but unfortunately I have played it a lot and thus the plastic has been worn down enough that it broke today. Now there's just one little sliver of plastic holding it precariously together in the center, but it's not overly strong and so I expect it will fall apart entirely within a reasonable short ammount of time.

If it were a single-disc case I could easilly just snap open a spare (I'm sure I could find one SOMEWHERE) and transferr the papers. These fancy double ones, however, are not as easy to come by and there's no way I'll shell out money for it.

feh. Mahdi was right. Today is not a good day.

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