Lograh (lograh) wrote,

burble // pending

I have much mental burbling. Many thoughts churning around, proto-entries that never quite surface. Some thoughts I'm contemplating (more on each of these is pending, may or may not arrive):

serenica69 and I are trying this whole relationship again. Short story: she asked if I'd take her back, I said yes (this was early Feb -- old news, I know (been busy), but still news to some of you I suspect). Love is patient, love is kind . . .

If you could fight any historical figure, who would it be? I'm leaning towards Abraham. Not that I'm overly violent anymore, but if I was going to fight anyone he'd likely be it -- just sayin'.

It is phenomenally difficult to find/remove duplicate files. Even on the same computer, on the same disk, I have yet to find a single tool that handles this task gracefully. Plenty claim to, none deliver.

Why can't Firefox's spellchecker handle more than one dictionary at once? Is it really that hard?
On a related note, shouldn't "Firefox" be correct in both US and UK English? Oddly, it would seem to be a US-only word. Certainly, one could argue it is not a correct word in either, but if it must be in one than why not in the other?

Retirement plan summaries have yet to be written in plain English. Of particular annoyance is the "plan summaries" page that supposedly highlights the differences between the three allowable plan types, and each column looks like a copy/paste of the others. :(

Should I be bothered by the fact that I'm actually rather liking this specific song by Pink? Or should I be more concerned that there is Pink in my collection to begin with?

I am finding more and more people these days obsessed with the concept of revenge. They honk when a person fails to drive perfectly, they are obsessed with killing someone who may or may not try to kill them, they continue to fight over grievances hundreds of years old, and etc. Yet, all this is from those most vehemently claiming to be devout adherents of religious faiths that have, at their core, a teaching of peace. This boggles me.
Or am I the only one that sees it?
An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

Been walking the path from my pad to work quite a bit now recently. Most weeks (barring weather) I manage to walk it at least once a day roughly three days of the week. It is a wonderful way to start or end my day (for different reasons in each case). I would highly recommend it to anyone. Granted, I have positioned myself intentionally close to work, so it only takes about an hour and a half (max -- usually in the mornings when I'm sleepy and walk kinda slow).

I need to make a few new userpics. These are nice enough, but fail to quite capture the content they represent.

I still have all the art pending -- I haven't forgotten any of you, just have been hustling in other areas of life. I need to re-prioritize my life and you are all a part of that. I feel tremendous guilt at my failing to accomplish all the things for my friends I wish to do. I have started on some, though, so I suppose that is a step in the right direction. :)

There is more, I feel I've missed a few points. Just thought I'd do something of a brain-dump for those who were curious if there were thoughts in my head these days. :) This is just a quick jotting of what is in the front of my mind at the moment.
Tags: about me, catchup, life, meta

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