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that just doesn't add up // response

So, I'm reading an article about how US citizens feel the holy book of their chosen religion does a better job of explaining the universe than any scientific pursuit, and I come across some numbers that don't seem to add up.

According to the article, the survey had (among other things) the following two results:
Just 3 percent of the public self-identifies as atheist
49 percent reported personally knowing an atheist

now, I'll admit that statistics wasn't my speciality, but if only 3% of the population is "atheist", it's kinda tough for 49% of the population to "personally know" an atheist. Unless there's some confusion going on about what exactly an "atheist" is. Or, I suppose it's possible all the atheists are very well connected, but I can't realistically imagine all the social work it would take to maintain a phonebook that long. :)

This just goes to show how mind-numbingly stupid most US citizens are. It's not like the term "atheist" isn't well defined. Heck, it says it right there in it's name: A-Theist. That is, "A" "Theist" = "not" "theist" = "not" "belief in god(s)" = One who denies the existence of a god or gods. Sure, you can debate the weaker or stronger variants of atheism, where you might simply have an absence of belief instead of an active denial of belief. But it boils down to the same thing: no belief in the existence of a god or gods.

The rest of the report doesn't exactly inspire hope for the future.
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