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Why is it, when I point iTunes at a directory to import, it doesn't get all the tunez in the directory? Consistently, for iTunes 6 and now 7, if I point it at a moderately sized directory (say, only about 20gigs or so) it skips files? It only imported 6300 or so of the files in that tree (it's a directory with subdirectories with subdirectories, my music is mostly organized). I had to tell it to import the exact same directory all over again and it found another 600 or so files that it must have missed the first time. Then I do it a third time and it says this time it's sure there's nothing new.

Seriously, what gives? it's even worse if I have more stuff in the directory. I once tried to import a directory with a little over 200GB of mp3s, and it flat-out crashed the first try. The second try it made some progress but it took all night, third try it froze up again due to the number of tunez.. I gave up after the fourth try still hadn't gotten all the files (basing estimates of completion on folder size compared to iTunes library size after import.

This has happened on multiple computers, with multiple versions of iTunes. I'm guessing it's something inherent in the "import mp3s" algorithm Apple coded into iTunes, but I can't fathom what is so complex about the process that they'd mess it up that drastically.
Tags: musical, rant, tech

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