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not quite right // pseudo-mobloging

so yeah, I've picked up a little point-n-shoot camera to fill the gap between the camera-phone and the dSLR (and the medium-format film). One thing I'm hoping to start doing with this is make postcards for all you lovely people (only a few have gone out so far, but I'm still working out the kinks in the process -- more on that later).

This means two things, I get to take a *lot* more pictures now that I have a halfway decent camera in my pocket at all times. It also, however, means I have a lot more pictures to sort through and a lot more pictures that end up being almost-but-not-quite good enough. Like this one:

It's nice, I like it, it's almost getting where I wanted it to go, but I don't think it'd do the "postcard" format nicely enough. However, since the camera I took it with has the limitations it does, the picture sure as hell doesn't cut it for "fine art" quality, either. So what's a guy to do? Put it on livejournal, of course!! :)

You'll be getting more of these so-so pictures in the future. They are likely to never get beyond what you see here, unlike the "art" shots I've posted crops from, but they are more polished than the pure lo-fi joy of the camPhone mobloging posts (and will likely have some photoshopping applied, like this one does).

enjoy! :)
Tags: life, mobloging, photos

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