Lograh (lograh) wrote,

reality check // quickie

I've heard that Mr. Barack Obama has decided to run for president. okay, fine, whatever. Not saying I won't vote for him, not saying I will. I've heard next to nothing about the guy so I'm ambivalent.

What bothers me, is the people who are criticizing him because, get this, he's not black enough. What a load of crap that is! They are saying that it may influence their vote, of all things!

here's how I see it:

Are you telling me Kerry or Bush were black enough for you? odds are damn good you voted for one of them (most people did). Or did you simply refuse to vote at all because they weren't black enough either?

Are you telling me, that in this day and age the colour of someone's skin or the colour of skin a person's great-great-great-great-grandparents had still matters enough that your VOTE will hinge on it?

Are you telling me that, of all the minorities that suffer from various forms of discrimination in the US today, there is some special honor to being the descendant of slaves?

Are you telling me that all the people who have been persecuted, beaten, and killed over the years because they believe (as I do) that the colour of someone's skin or that person's specific heritage should not be held against that person in any way (nor should it be an advantage either for that person) have all been struggling for equality in vain?

Because, from where I stand, if the colour of someone's skin or the fact they are descended from a person in Kenya instead of a person in Kentucky even come close to entering the discussion of that person's fitness for the office of president, then you are saying all that and more.
Tags: observances, politics, rant, topical

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