Lograh (lograh) wrote,

I could listen for hours // podcast joy

I recently discovered Gil Fronsdal (yes, I'm not well versed in the popular big names) through a Zen podcast. His voice is so warm and . . . human. I could listen to him talk for hours. Indeed, I have already listened to him for hours, and plan on listening for many hours more! :) Don't know how much one might like to listen to him if one isn't at all interested in Buddhist ideas (compassion, mindfulness, and peace aren't very popular ideas these days), but if'n you are, it might be worth checking him out. From what I can tell, he is still actively teaching down in Redwood City, CA and they are putting all his lessons online. I may soon find myself taking a trip down that way to hear him in person.

Hearing him talk is a perfect way to start the day. Well, that and some coffee. :)
Tags: life, linkage, philosophy

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