Lograh (lograh) wrote,


Work long today. Me tired. Me frelling brain-dead.

I've just about hit that point, sorta like exaustion, where I've spent so damn long here today that I can't just leave. I know I should. I would like to. But I just can't get up and leave, for some stupid reason I can't fathom.

Mind you, I'm not working right now. I'm just sitting here dinking around online. Using that wonderful blessing that is LAN internet access.

And look what should pop into my mailbox but another !$#%@#$!@#$%!$# rape pr0n junk mail.

That does it. I'm blocking yahoo.com now. I hope no-one I know actually uses it. lemme check. MAHDI!?!?! You actually _USE_ them??!

grr. fine, I'll make a filter for you that comes before the general "yahoo.com" junk filter. If there's anyone else who uses "yahoo.com" lemme know, cause otherwise your messages are now getting toasted before I ever see them.

(granted, this is yet another reason not to leave work yet, but it's for a good cause)

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