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busybusybusy // work - Lograh — LiveJournal

Tuesday, 16.Jan.2007

12:24 - busybusybusy // work

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I have about 6 days (including the weekend) to get a lab of machines set up with Windows 2000, IIS, customized IIS extensions, and GIS software.


All because these people didn't tell me a month ago that they needed this setup.



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Date:7:33 17.Jan.2007 (UTC)
how long would that normally take?
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Date:16:29 17.Jan.2007 (UTC)
Well, to do a proper job creating a load for a lab and setting it all up, we like to take a month. But that is for a lot of fine-grain configuration and customization. These folk weren't going to get that. :) For a quick tossing together of the items they need, a workweek would be the generally accepted amount of time. That would be about 3 days to build/test the load on the build station, another day to create the image and get it pushed out to the lab stations (with post-image configurations as well), and the last day for final testing at the lab stations and fixing any minor tweaks that might have been missed. Of course, this scenario has a little space in it for minor glitches and confusion, but not much. If everything goes well the first time (and if the setup instructions they sent me weren't over two years old!) another day could be shaved off from that, so it'd only take slightly under 4 days.

And, let's not forget, that was all assuming I didn't have normal daily job duties to perform. While there are certainly times during the setup when you can leave for 30 minutes or so to take care of a little question or two, those 6 computers I have waiting to deliver to users would take more than 30 minutes each. :)

It was certainly a doable task, to get the lab set up by next week (I miscounted, and it was only 5 days not 6 -- starting this week on Tuesday messed me up), but it did mean I was going to have to hussle and let a lot of my daily duties slide for this week.
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