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hrmph, looks like they beat us again // city living

Another reason Seattle kicks more ass than Sacramento:

According to this article, next weekend will mark the opening of an 8.5 acre outdoor art park. It used to be a brown field, leftover from previous industrial use, now it's a pretty art park for public use and recreation.

Best idea Sacramento's managed to come up with for a similar field left behind by industry? A basketball arena. Poo on that!

I'd be happy if this town would invest anything in public art. Pretty up the place a bit, y'know? But no. Sure, we've got more trees. Tons of the bloody things. And we have plenty of parks as well. Little 2- or 4-block patches of green scattered all over the place. But those wonderful parks are just that, patches of green. No art.

Don't get me wrong, I still like Sacramento plenty. There is more to a town than it's art budget, for sure. And Sacramento has plenty of other good things going for it that I'm not hating the place. Honestly speaking, I'm pretty sure that if I were to move to Seattle I'd have no problem finding plenty wrong with it to even out with the great points it has. It's all a matter of balance in life.

But I like [public] art, and the dearth of it here makes me a sad panda.

edit: clarified "public" at the end -- Sacramento has plenty of museums and galleries.
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