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psychic IT at your service // work - Lograh — LiveJournal

Tuesday, 02.Jan.2007

14:20 - psychic IT at your service // work

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I try to not often post about my job here, mostly because the majority of y'all do not like reading technical details but also because I like to have some delineation between my personal and work lifes. This, of course, will be the point when my exes speak up about me being a workaholic and "what personal life" will likely surface, but we shall ignore my workaholic tendancies for the moment.

I love it when I walk up to one of my users, just to kinda pop in and say "hi" (I think it is the number one priority for my job, even beyond technical ability, to be personable and social with my users -- I never want to be "the IT guy" that horror stories are made of) and they say something like "I was just about to call you" or "did you get my message? I just left it." I get to be all Mr. Psychic IT Guy and take care of them right away. It gets kinda freaky, though, how often it happens. :) Like just now, I was heading to someone's office and she met me in the hall in a panic thankful I had gotten her message that she just left (I hadn't been back to my office yet). But she is up and happy now and all is right in the world once again.



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Date:23:48 02.Jan.2007 (UTC)
I used to have a psychic IT guy once. It was FANTASTIC and he is missed greatly.
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Date:23:51 02.Jan.2007 (UTC)
awwww, shucks..
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