Lograh (lograh) wrote,

Joshua Tree // photos

So yeah, picture attack! I've tried to keep these small-ish and down to a reasonable number just so as to not overwhelm y'all..
gotta have the b/w tree shot. :)

I think this landscape shot worked out much better than originally planned. Just a little more touching up and it might be printable.

Another one that kinda helps get the isolated feeling going on.

The jumping teddy bear cactus!! so cute and fuzzy looking you just wanna walk up and hug one!

And my last night there. Was sad to leave.

so yeah, what to say? Lots of pictures.. I did really enjoy my time there. I camped out two nights and nearly froze to death the first night (didn't make my 'nest' properly). I am so going back, next time with a few more lenses! :)
Tags: photos, roadtripping

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