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As promised // photos - Lograh — LiveJournal

Saturday, 23.Dec.2006

9:51 - As promised // photos

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So yeah, not much time at the moment, but I wanted to get some pictures up to prettify my lj. I like it having splashes of colour, and want to keep up with that.

once covered by glaciers, now a lovely little island. was stunning in person.
I absolutely love that northwest coastline. :)


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Date:23:13 24.Dec.2006 (UTC)
hey! off-topic as always, but i haven't been on LJ in months! Wanted to personally invite you to my NYE gig if you're in the area. I'm making some all new mixes just for the night and spinning with my favorite DJ in Sac at Silk on Del Paso, not to far from your home I think. gonna be a good time and I'd love to catch up... You always support my mixes, so I wanted to be sure to invite you out.

Details here...

let me know if you can make it... and if not, give a call or email sometime. let's meet up. i'll give you a link to a brand new pearl jam v. radiohead mix with no release date in sight...
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