Lograh (lograh) wrote,

not dead yet // quick update

So, yeah. visit up in the Seattle area was wonderful. Had good eats, good conversation, good peoples. Saw good sights. I do so adore that state. Except for the whole no electricity part -- my gracious hostess was without power for most of my stay. Fortunately she knew others who had power and were kind enough to take in a total stranger like myself (and her, of course), so power was had for short periods.

So yeah, slept in my own bed last night. tonight at my pa's place down here in the bay area, tomorrow night as well in all likeihood. Then off Sunday morning for Arizona! Tentatively looking at visiting the "Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument", just 'cause it's there. Also looking at hitting the "Petrified Forest National Park" since it has a cool name (anything involving petrified stuff is cool, just by default) but I'm kinda wavering on that, what with the whole 5500' elevation and an expected high of just over 30 (reading from their website and what is considered normal for the season). I thought I left all the cold, rain, cold, snow, cold and *cold* back in WA! We'll see. :)

in other news, what the frell happened to my LJ entry posting interface?!?! it's all, *changed*! Sure, some of the changes look like they could be very useful to me, but fer frack's sake warn a guy!!

edit: mental typoe fixed.
Tags: life, roadtripping

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