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Wii? // gaming review - Lograh — LiveJournal

Saturday, 02.Dec.2006

18:30 - Wii? // gaming review

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You know, it's sad when the best game I've played on the Wii so far is the free one that came with it.

so, on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is "I'm not selling it back because I'd rather just break the disc" and 10 is "I skipped work for a day playing it" we have so far:

Wii Sports (the free one) : 6 -- could use a lot more fleshing-out, but fun to play all the same
Zelda : 4 -- I desperately wanted to like this one, I really did
Monkey Ball : 3 -- There are about 2 minigames out of the 50 that are fun, otherwise it'd be a 1.

Zelda is already offered to sell to someone if he wants it. Monkey ball I'm going to spend another few hours on before giving up for good. Anyone want dibs to buy it from me rather than from the store?


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Date:18:43 03.Dec.2006 (UTC)

i catergorize the wii as yet another nintendo idea that will go on the rack with my duck hunt gun and gyromite robot and power glove and super scope 6 for SNES and every other quirky controller they released that went absolutely NOWHERE.
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Date:17:24 04.Dec.2006 (UTC)
in fairness to the Wii, I'd say your being somewhat unfair in your comparison. Two main reasons stick out why the Wii may yet turn gaming around.

1) it's the main controller for the system. All the other articles you mentioned were add-on controllers. Given the choice of writing a game for a main controller everyone who owns the system is assured to have instead of some add-on that perhaps 1% of the system owners have, the developers are going to write for the larger market. With the Wii, everyone who has a Wii has the funky Wii controller. Further this with the large market saturation the Wii is rapidly approaching (over triple the numbers of PS3 sales so far, and climbing) and there is enough market incentive for developers to code for it.

2) more game developers exist, and more games are being made, today than during the time periods during which those other controllers were made. The console gaming market is today far larger than it was years ago when the power glove et. al. came out. There is simply more money involved. Thus, the added market slice cited in (1) becomes an even larger incentive than it would have been back then. Just think back to the early 90's, and how hard was it to find a store that exclusively dealed in video games (were there any?) contrasted to today's situation where practically every mini-mall has a GameStop or EB, or similar video game store.

In short, I think the Wii, with it's quirky controller, has an excellent chance of "making it work" that the past controller experiments didn't get as a result of them being secondary or the market not being big enough. It is unfortunate that the early titles for this system have not properly taken advantage of what it offers, but that is to be expected in any first attempts at defining a gaming space. As with any experiment, the first few tries are likely to be failures. In late 2007 we will see games that learn from the mistakes of the current releases. Remember that console gaming generations are roughly 4 years long, and the 'killer' games for a given generation of consoles rarely show up in the first year.
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