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just a friendly reminder // topical

I've now seen the "post addresses/gift requests here" post at least three or four times on my Flist, so I guess it's that time of the year again. A friendly reminder to those of you who may have forgotten (understandable) or never knew:

I don't "do" the "holidays". holiday gifts to me are generally thrown out unopened, or if it feels like clothes, dropped off at the local homeless shelter (again, unopened). Please leave me out of your gift-giving plans. I like you just fine, it's nothing personal, I do hope you have a wonderful holiday gift-giving celebration, just please don't include me.

My reasons are very personal, very deep-rooted, will not be discussed, and my mind will not be changed. receiving holiday gifts causes me much emotional strife I'd rather avoid. Perhaps some day, decades from now, I'll have worked through it, but for right now let's just leave me out of the fun, please?

yes, I understand this can be very difficult for some people to manage. Yes, I understand that this is not the norm (hence the friendly reminder). If you cannot handle the idea that giving me a holiday gift is viewed by me as a *BAD* thing, please let me know now and I will do what I can to avoid seeing you for the next few months, just to make it easier for you to resist the temptation.
Tags: about me, reminder, topical
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